The Trela Safety App

Trela was designed for my final year project of my Interactive Media Degree, receiving a high first (83%). The project focused on User Experience Design and Research, creating a hi-fidelity safety app prototype and other design assets.

The project focused on the problem of many people feeling unsafe alone in public for example walking home alone at night. I also focused groups who most commonly felt unsafe alone in public, this being women, people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities (majorily due to hate crimes of these groups). This problem space directed my outcome to be a Safety App that is inclusive of all groups of people and helps people feel safer when alone in public.

The video below shows the app and its range of functions being used in public situations that people commonly feel afraid in.

I carried out surveys, interviews, focus groups and user testing as part of the research of this project.

I also used the double diamond design process to structure the design project.

The App

On the left below is a narrated run through of the final hi-fidelity Trela prototype, created using Sketch and Adobe Illustrator. On the right is a wireframe run through created during the design process using Sketch.

Personas & Journey Maps

To understand the target user of the Trela Safety App I created two personas and journey maps for each one.


I used Adobe Illustrator to create two posters. The first is an advertisement poster that displays the range of functionalities of the Trea safety app. The second is another poster to show the texts of the Trusted Contact function.