PlantLux App

Plantlux is an android prototype app, developed using Android Studio with Java. This app is made to help users take care of their plants, using a search bar to look up the name of their plan and access information about it. The key feature of this app is the light level test which uses the light sensor on Android phones and helps the user find the perfect location to place their plant in terms of it’s ideal light level for growth.

This project involved User Experience/Interface and Design, and Mobile Application Development. I illustrated and designed the icons and logo for the app using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 

I used sketched ideas for the interfaces of the app and then recreated them using Sketch to plan out the interface I would have to make for the application on Android Studio. I also created Interface maps and programme function flowcharts in order to stay organised and on track with the application development.

Interface Designs using Sketch

Interface Mapping

Programme Functions