Unity Health App

I developed a prototype of a medical centre appointment booking mobile app, using the double diamond design process throughout the project.  Involving User Experience Research and Design and Mobile Application Interface Design.

I wrote and distributed a survey to research into the current medical centres booking system and how users found it. This helped me understand what people had issues with and what they would like to see improved. I also researched into current apps like this, observing the reviews of each app. I created personas and a journey map to find the main insights in my research and what aspects the majority of people wanted in a user friendly appointment booking system.

I used Balsamiq to create wireframes of the app and then completed the first prototype in Sketch, using Invision to create an interactable prototype (seen in the video below).

Final Prototype


Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 22.06.33.png



Research & Analysis


Journey Maps

Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 21.51.57.png

I used a similar colour scheme and design as the original website to keep the branding of the medical centre consistent and so the mobile app was easily recognisable.