I worked as a UX/UI Intern for Geostories, where I conducted user and market research, a brand workshop and developed the User Interface designs. GeoStories is an app that uses GPS location technology to create a powerful experience, telling compelling stories through drama, enhanced by rich visual content and AR.

I began the project by finding who our target user would be and more about what people would be interested in, in an app like this. I did this by writing and distributing a survey followed by focus groups, and conducting research into similar apps on the market.  Once we got the results from this, I ran a Stakeholder workshop where the stakeholders and I spent time defining their brand and product, and organising a plan for the app development over the upcoming weeks.

Once decisions were made for what the new GeoStories app was going to involve I began the UI design. I worked alongside the app developer and stakeholders firstly by designing wireframes, followed by creating a range of hi-fidelity design ideas. When the final UI design was chosen I developed the interfaces for the app in Sketch and the graphics and icons using Adobe Illustrator. I also created an interactable prototype for the team to use and experience how the app would look.

Below you can find the wireframes and final UI designs which are currently being developed into the functioning GeoStories app.

Interface Designs using Sketch